Natural colors from agricultural, biological or mineral sources; obtained from raw materials such as: black carrots, red cabbage, beets, grapes, turmeric, alfalfa, paprika and others,
red cabbage, beet, grapes, turmeric, alfalfa, paprika and others; achieving colors based on anthocyanins, lycopene, apocarotenal, carmine, paprika, beta carotene, curcumin, chlorophyll, vegetable carbon.

Coloring foods, produced from fruit concentrates (blue genies), vegetables (beets, radish, carrots), edible flowers (sandalwood, hibiscus, saffron) and algae (spirulina), through physical processes; free of synthetic additives or organic solvents.

Meet our collections for different market trends: flavors for vegan products that allow you to deliver dairy or meaty notes to enhance the flavor; classic citrus collection with a novel touch for beverages; flavors inspired by indulgent products that are highly demanded and can be used in multiple applications to ensure the success of your product in the market.

Another of our innovations is Flavor sweet® , just as sweet, but with less sugar. This is a line aimed at partially replacing sugar, masking the unpleasant aftertaste of sweeteners or other functional ingredients and promoting clean labeling.



Cramer – (Chile)     


Flavor house expert in the creation and development of flavors, which makes it an ally for innovation and solutions in food products according to market trends.
If you are looking for flavor, clean label, natural ingredients, indulgence.

Our experience and technical knowledge are our tools to create, together with our customers, unique and innovative products that delight their consumers.


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