Pure natural honey in powder 50% and flakes 70%, instantly soluble. Used in hot or cold beverages, hydrating or nutritional drinks, coatings, dry mixes for baking, flavoring and icings.

• Natural sweetener
• Excellent alternative to replace sucrose
• Rich in fructose and glucose
• Antioxidant due to its tocopherol content
• Clean label


Polyol obtained from maltose, an ideal substitute for sucrose, provides sweetness and adds texture, imparts viscosity, does not ferment and prevents the formation of ice crystals in frozen foods. Sensorially, it has a sweetening power of 90% of sucrose, without affecting the flavor of the products.

• Low hygroscopicity
• Low Calorie (2.3 Kcal/g)
• Stability at high temperatures – No caramelization

Natural sweetener from the raw juice of the agave salmiana pineapple, sweetening power greater than sugar, with high fructooligosaccharides, improve the digestive system, the ability to eliminate fats and toxins, stimulation of the growth of intestinal flora as a prebiotic, ideal for diabetics for its low glycemic index coupled with a feeling of satiety.

Different applications such as:

Coffee, tea, frappés, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, yogurt, dairy drinks, ice cream, pastries, confectionery, beer, baking, jams, among others.



Endulave – (México) 

Company focused on the production of products and ingredients for healthy eating, meets the production and quality standards required by the market. Ideal to innovate in the sweet food and beverage sector.

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Flavor Consultants – (USA) 

Supplier and manufacturer of dehydrated (vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs) and wholesale health products, its ingredients seek to meet demanding quality specifications, which together with the versatility of its catalog, will achieve the best applications in food.

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