Beef is obtained from cattle, salted and cooked in the oven, while chicken meat is cooked and boned mechanically in the cold.

Its applications are: broths and consommés, rice seasoning, marinades, prepared foods, providing a natural flavor.

• 100% natural dehydrated powdered product
• 65 % minimum protein in beef
• 40% minimum protein in chicken meat
• T.I.F. Establishments
and official veterinary inspection

100% natural chicken is cooked and concentrated to obtain protein levels ranging from 70 to 90%, obtaining a balance of essential and non-essential amino acids for the body.

Used in beverages, milkshakes, broths and consommés, energy bars, snacks, prepared meals; having nutritional balances.

• Non-allergenic
• Clean label
• Rich in electrolytes
• High protein digestibility

Chicken fat undergoes a standardization and long shelf life process, revealing the natural notes of chicken, providing Umami-Savory notes and creamy notes typical of the fat, achieving an excellent mouthfeel.

Used in chicken broths, pasta sauces, rice seasonings, soups, marinades, prepared foods, among others.

100% natural, product, the result of concentrating beef until a thick and viscous paste is obtained, capturing all the meat aromatics, giving it a characteristic flavor and aroma.

Its main use is to enrich broths, consommés (bouillons), stews and prepared foods, generating a protein contribution, Umami notes and natural beef flavor, achieving an excellent mouthfeel.



International Dehydrated Foods, Inc. (IDF) – (USA)



Creators of the best natural poultry-based ingredients,
their products retain the typical flavor while enhancing the nutritional benefit through high-digestible or low-fat protein content; de proteínas con alta digestibilidad o contenido bajo en grasa;
making them ideal ingredients for ready-to-eat dishes, protein supplement fortification and a wide range of functional food and beverage applications.
If you are looking for taste, fortification, clean label, natural ingredients, nutrition.


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