They are elaborated from the fermentation of the specific lactic culture and enzymatic reactions, obtaining products rich in aroma, thermo-resistant and with natural profiles.

Used in applications such as natural cheeses, analogous and extended cheeses, dairy beverages, yogurt, snacks, marinades, desserts, bakery, flavoring in vegan products, etc; by reinforcing the dairy flavor, obtaining clean and GMO-free labeling.


• Cheeses: cheddar, cream cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella, cotija, gouda and swiss
• Milk: raw, cooked, evaporated and condensed
• Others: butter, creams, creams and yogurt


First Choice Ingredients – (USA) 

Focused on the creation of exceptional dairy flavors, First Choice Ingredients has a validated patented process in fermentation and cultivation technology to achieve the production of natural dairy flavors that are created through the modification of enzymes and reaction and composition technologies, which turns them into products rich in aroma, with no unpleasant taste and a high enhancer profile ideal for various applications.
Its origin is natural, made from milk, yogurt, butter, cream and cheese, mainly; they also maintain in their catalog other sweet, salty or non-dairy dairy products.
If you are looking for dairy, clean label, natural ingredients, flavor.

Our experience and technical knowledge are our tools to create, together with our customers, unique and innovative products that delight their consumers.


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