Pure and natural dehydrated tomato, obtained by spray drying to extend shelf life and generate savings in storage.

Used to provide better color, flavor and texture with clean label and stable development when applied in pizza sauces, bolognese, ketchup, hot and spicy sauces, and in applications such as meatloaf, soups, stews, juices, cocktails and more.

• Tomate Hot Break: Sweet cooked notes.
• Tomate Cold Break: Green, fresh notes.

Top quality spinach grown in Hungary and China, air-dried, which preserves its organoleptic properties, facilitating its transportation and extending its shelf life.

Flakes or powder, ideal for use in different dishes from views such as soups, broths in processed foods, dressings, pastas, rice, stews, among others.


Agusa – (USA) 

Global leader in the production of spray-dried natural tomato powder, its experience allows it to offer a product with guaranteed quality and commitment to the environment.
It offers a variety of tomato with cooked or fresh tomato notes. Ideal for natural applications in food and beverages: sauces, pastas, juices, seasonings, snacks, among others.
If you are looking for flavor, clean label, natural ingredients.


Dehydrates Inc. – (USA) 

Supplier and manufacturer of dehydrated (vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs) and wholesale health products, its ingredients seek to meet demanding quality specifications, which together with the versatility of its catalog, will achieve the best applications in food.

If you are looking for ready to use, clean label, natural ingredients, organic ingredients.


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